Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Captures The Whole Story!…Details!!!


Every precious detail counts when it’s your wedding day. And that’s especially true when it comes to your wedding photos. Through those pictures, you’ll be
able to relive the unique story of your wedding day through the details for years to come.

So you have to make sure that you get a photographer who will 1. Care about the details as much as you do and 2. Know how to tell YOUR unique story with
photographs. Let’s put it this way, if you planned a unique detail for your wedding, you’ll want your photographer to take a photograph of it.

When shopping for a photographer, check out the details that he or she has captured for other brides and grooms. Go through their portfolio. Look to see if
close-ups of the rings, jewelry and the bouquet were taken before or during the ceremony. Look through their portfolio to see how they handled those
reception details too and see how creative they get with their dance shots. If the photographer is hired for your bride’s preparation, see how they have handled
the fine details of the dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, etc. Do the pictures look generic like shots out of a JC Penney catalogue or do they have a style and
artistic flair that sets them apart from the rest? The more artistic your photographer is, the more unique your wedding photos will be and they will be more
reflective of your personality — which, of course as they say….It’s all in the details!……

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Tips When Hiring a NJ Wedding Photographer!

It’s Your Wedding Day in New Jersey!……. All your hard work and planning is about to come to fruition and will set the stage for the most important day of your life thus far. It’s been a long journey and you want everything to be absolutely perfect for your family and your guests. It’s a day you’ll cherish and will surely be filled with excitement, laughter and tears. There will be many touching and emotional moments from which you will form perfect memories to treasure for years to come and share happily with family and friends.

The most important thing to do is preserve your precious wedding day memories so that you can relive your glorious day many times year after year. To do this, you’ll need a full time professional photographer who has many years experience and who has filmed these events many hundreds of times before. It’s a very demanding day to film and only a seasoned professional will have the experience to know what to do and where to be in order to be in the right place at the right time.

A well meaning friend may offer to do this for you, but their inexperience will surely cost you many precious memories, as you only get one chance to do this as there are no do overs at a wedding. You will sadly be the one who has to live with their mistakes for a life time!

Plus, it’s doubtful they’ll have the correct equipment, like dual memory card cameras, which capture and make an instant back up file of all photos taken. A corrupted memory card without this feature would be devastating to your wedding with all your precious memories lost forever!

Another thing to consider that many wedding couples sadly overlook, is why would you hire someone to film an extremely important event like your wedding day, when you don’t get a chance to meet them in advance! This is a tremendously important milestone in your life and you want it to be absolutely perfect! Would you hire a medical doctor who you never met to deliver your baby! Your wedding is not a place to take risk either!

Many wedding photography companies sadly do this and you either never meet your wedding photographer or you don’t meet them until the week before your wedding, allowing little recourse should you not like their personality, shooting style, or like their artistic approach.

Remember, your wedding photographer is with you the entire day, from the bride getting ready at her house, right up to the cake cutting, garter and bouquet. Do you really want to be with someone who you don’t like their style and personality for 10 or 12 hours? This is a big distraction on your wedding day that you surely don’t need and should not have to endure.

Many times the reason wedding companies don’t allow you to meet your photographer is because they don’t even know themselves who it will be until a short time before your wedding. So I ask you this…..Then who’s wedding photos did you look at? Don’t you want the same photographer who’s portfolio you looked at to be your wedding photographer? After all, that’s why you decided to book their wedding services. It was based on the photography work and artistic style that you viewed.

In closing, let me say this is your most important day thus far in your life. You surely want everything to be absolutely perfect. It’s in your best interest to know your photographer, like their personality, meet them up close and personal, interact with them, and know who they are before you book them for your wedding. You want to feel confident in their expertise and love their artistic style. You need to see their work in advance and not be subjected to book a mystery photographer that you’ve never met.

You want someone with many years of experience who does this full time, not just a weekend warrior. Someone who loves creating¬†and who loves to shoot with passion. Find a wedding photographer with these qualities and professional equipment, and you will have found a wedding photographer who’s in your corner and who’s there for you to capture all your precious memories for you to share for a lifetime! ¬©

Philip, owner Uptown Photography NJ since 1994.

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